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“If you are careful,' Garp wrote, 'if you use good ingredients, and you don't take any shortcuts, then you can usually cook something very good. Sometimes it is the only worthwhile product you can salvage from a day; what you make to eat. With writing, I find, you can have all the right ingredients, give plenty of time and care, and still get nothing. Also true of love. Cooking, therefore, can keep a person who tries hard sane.” ― John Irving, The World According to Garp

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

I have been so busy with work lately that I haven't had time to maintain this blog. I've gotten several new recipes lately though so hopefully I'll have time to share some of them here soon. I'll start today with a dessert recipe.

This pie recipe is now my go to dessert recipe! It is easy to throw together and can bake while you are eating dinner— perfect for a last minute company is coming dessert! It's so incredibly simple to make.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

2 eggs
½ Cup flour
½ Cup sugar
½ Cup brown sugar
1 Cup chocolate chips
1 regular pie crust- not deep dish
½ Cup butter (melted)
Preheat oven to 325°. Melt butter then set aside. Beat two eggs in a mixing bowl until foamy- I beat with a whisk just well enough to see a few bubbles. Mix in sugars and flour. Slowly stir in butter and then chocolate chips. Pour mixture into unbaked pie shell. Bake for about 1 hour.
Serve warm with ice cream. So delicious!


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